John Meikle, Author

As a New Zealander John Meikle experienced the Outback when, as a young man, he worked in the Copper Mines of Mt. Isa.  It began as just a young man’s adventure, and a way of making a living, but many years later while raising his family in Rye, New York, his love of the Outback and the people who called it home revitalized his attention! 

As the years passed, the Outback seemed to mystically call him and through vivid earthbound memories inspired ”Daughters of the Outback.”  Meikle was later surprised to discover Henry Lawson’s poem of 1897 in the foreward, as it amazingly captured the same colorful impressions reflected in “Daughters of the Outback” … written 114 years later!

John Meikle lives in Florida with his wife Melinda and Theakston III, their 16 year old Jack Russell … also known as Mr. Sweetie!

2 Responses to John Meikle, Author

  1. Kathie Cox says:

    Congratulations John! Good for you and good for Mindi whose hand in this I see. Beautiful collaboration but you’re the writer and that’s it! Sell millions!