It Can Happen For You!

As a first time writer, of course, I shared my story with friends and family, for their honest opinions and approval.  Pride of authorship could be a stumbling block, but, here are my findings …

Assuredly, I have received so many compliments and the characters have come to life for many with comments like: “I loved Gavin or Lindsay was impressive.” I took great care to ask questions regarding their impressions and, I must say, old “Pango” was pretty high on the list.  Their insights, knowledge and enthusiastic sales have convinced me that this story is a winner!

This enthusiastic support confirmed my life-long passion for writing and has inspired the sequel!  I share my story to inspire other hopeful writers.

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Vero Beach Book Centre, Vero Beach, Florida

“Daughters Of The Outback”

Vero Beach Florida Book Centre:  This upscale popular book store reports that “Daughters Of the Outback” has been on their Best Seller list for 20 weeks competing successfully with the august New York Times Best Seller List!

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Sue Carswell, Editor, Vanity Fair Magazine

Daughters of the Outback is finely constructed, spanning almost five decades, from 1953 to the present.  Its characters are highly engaging and relatable.  Dialogue is natural, completely uncontrived and descriptions of the people and their environment absorb the reader into the time and place.

Unlike other books of this genre, Daughters of the Outback is written from a woman’s point-of-view, capturing the intrinsic strength and grace of this hard scrapple society.  You won’t forget the people of the Outback and you won’t be able to put this winning book down!


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